About Us

Based in the West Country of England, since 2003 we have been working with KMC Electronics, based in Shropshire, to develop and manufacture a unique range of vehicle access systems using solar energy technology. This offers not just convenience, increased safety and cost savings but a green and eco friendly way of powering a full range of products for gate and traffic barrier automation. From ornate swing gates through to heavy industrial sliding gates and traffic barriers, all powered by the sun!

We began developing a vertical lifting gate to provide a compact and secure automatic gate (the "Multi-Gate") for farmers to install in busy gateways. This provides simple key fob operation from the comfort of vehicles saving time and reducing potential accidents getting in and out of farm vehicles. No cables are required as the system is totally self contained and powered by solar energy.

We have now developed a full range of solar powered vehicle access systems, including kits which can be easily fitted to existing gates, which are being installed for domestic, commercial and industrial uses throughout the UK. Our range has also expanded to include solar powered turnstiles, CCTV and lighting so we can offer a complete package if required, bespoke to your needs.