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Parking Barriers FAQ

Q: How many operations can the parking barrier work through winter?
A: Up to 40 operations per 24 hours.

Q: How long would the system work without any charge on dull days?
A: Each system is calculated to work for 20 days at 40 operations per day without any charge at all.

Q: What groundwork is required for installation?
A: None. The parking barrier can be simply bolted down by using four ground bolts on any solid ground such as tarmac, concrete etc.

Q: How long should the installation take?
A: The Readi-Park bay barrier can be fully installed within an hour or so.

Q: What happens if the system fails to operate?
A: Every barrier has a manual override with a simple key to unlock.

Q: What happens if the barrier is accidentally operated whilst under my car?
A: The barrier will automatically sense the increase in force required to open and then re-close.