Swing Gates FAQ

Q: What is the maximum length of gate/s which can be automated?
A: Up to 5 metres.

Q: What is the maximum weight of gate which can be automated?
A: Up to 500kg.

Q: How many operations can the gate/s work through winter?
A: We calculate the solar requirement for each installation to work up to a maximum of 500 operations per 24 hours.

Q: What access control can be used such as key pads, underground loops, intercoms, etc?
A: There are virtually no restrictions on peripheral equipment provided the standby current is not too high.

Q: How long would the system work without any charge on dull days?
A: Each system is calculated to work for 10 days without any charge at all.

Q: Could the gate automation kit be fitted to my existing gates?
A: Yes, providing your gates are sound and hung properly with no "run away" in either the open or closed directions and are within the maximum length and weight restrictions

Q: How long should the installation take?
A: Installations vary depending on gate specification but on average most gate
systems can be installed within two working days.

Q: What happens if the system fails to operate my gates?
A: Each gate has a manual override with a simple key to unlock.

Q: Can my gates be electrically locked once closed?
A: Yes, we manufacture and supply locks for 12V and 24V installations including double leaf gates. The lock will fire once the key fob has been pressed or if closing fully automatically. (See Electric Locks)

Q: How far north in the UK can solar work reliably?
A: We have solar powered systems working 20 miles north of Inverness all year round.

Q: Can I have underground motors solar powered?
A: Yes, we provide a solar solution for gate arms, pillar mounted arms and underground motors.

Q: Can the solar panel be mounted away from the gate/s?
A: Yes, you can mount your solar panel up to 100 metres from your gates providing the correct size panel and cabling are used.