Traffic Barriers FAQ

Q: What is the maximum length of boom available?
A: Up to 8 metres.

Q: How many operations can the traffic barrier work through winter?
A: We calculate the solar requirement for each installation to work up to a maximum of 1200 operations per 24 hours.

Q: What access control can be used such as key pads, underground loops, intercoms etc?
A: There are virtually no restrictions on peripheral equipment provided a low standby current is available.

Q: How long would the system work without any charge on dull days?
A: Each system is calculated to work for 10 days without any charge at all.

Q: What groundwork is required for installation?
A: A concrete base to mount the barrier needs to be approx 700mm x 700mm x 700mm deep with 50mm ducting cemented in to provide cable access under the barrier housing. If a barrier resting post is needed, then a base of 400mm x 400mm x 400mm is required. (Full installation instructions are available for each particular installation on request.)

Q: How long should the installation take?
A: Installations vary depending on barrier specifications but on average most barriers systems can be installed within two working days.

Q: What happens if the system fails to operate?
A: Every barrier has a manual override with a simple key to unlock.