Vertical Lifting Gates FAQ

Q: Why would I need a vertically opening gate?
A: If you have sloping ground whereby any gate fitted would swing open into the ground or if you do not have sufficient space for a swing gate to open, then the Multi-Gate is a great solution.

Q: Can my gates work by solar or mains charge?
A: Yes. Both options are available.

Q: Why would I want to use solar power?
A: If your gates are more than 50 metres from a mains power supply, then solar power may cost less to install and run. Solar can work in totally remote areas, completely self contained and does not require a qualified electrician to install. Being a low voltage system, it is virtually impossible to be electrocuted by accident. Also, you would be doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. The green and eco-friendly way!

Q: What is the maximum length of gate available?
A: Up to 4 metres.

Q: How many operations can the vertical gate work through winter?
A: We calculate the solar requirement for each installation to work up to a maximum of 300 operations per 24 hours.

Q: If I choose to operate this gate by solar power, what access control can be used such as key pads, underground loops, intercoms etc?
A: There are virtually no restrictions on peripheral equipment provided there is a low standby current for each component.

Q: How long would the system work without any charge on dull days?
A: Each system is calculated to work for 10 days without any charge at all.

Q: What groundwork is required for installation?
A: A concrete base to mount the Multi-Guard (vertical bars) needs to be approx 700mm x 700mm x 700mm deep with 50mm ducting cemented in to provide cable access under the gate housing. For the locking channel, a base of 400mm x 400mm x 400mm is required.
(Full installation instructions are available for each particular installation on request.) A Multi-Gate (horizontal bars) can be mounted on your existing gate post/s.

Q: How long should the installation take?
A: Installations vary depending on gate specifications but on average most gate
systems can be installed within two working days once the concrete base (if needed) has been laid.

Q: What happens if the system fails to operate?
A: Every gate has a manual override to unlock.

Q: What is the maximum opening angle?
A: 90 degrees.

Q: How long does it take for the gate to fully open?
A: About 10 to 12 seconds depending on length of gate.